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How to wear animal print without looking tacky

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Animal print is a timeless fashion trend that has been around for over five decades. From leopard print to zebra stripes, animal print fashion has always been daring, exotic, and eye-catching. However, with its bold and dramatic look, many people are hesitant to wear animal prints for fear of looking tacky or dated. If you’re looking to add some animal print to your wardrobe but aren’t sure how to do it without going overboard, you’re in the right place. Follow these tips to incorporate animal print into your outfits while still looking chic and elegant.

Start small

When it comes to animal print, a little goes a long way. It’s best to start small by incorporating one animal print item into your outfit. This could be a scarf, shoes, or even a small clutch purse. By keeping it simple, you’ll be able to test the waters and see if the print is a good fit for your personal style. Once you’re more confident, you can incorporate more animal prints into your outfits.

Choose neutral colors

Animal prints can be quite loud and overwhelming. One way to tone it down is by pairing them with neutral colors. Colors like black, white, beige, and gray can balance out the bold pattern and make it more versatile. For example, a leopard print blouse paired with black trousers and nude heels looks chic and sophisticated.

Mix it with solid colors

Another way to wear animal prints without looking tacky is to mix them with solid colors. Combining bold patterns with solid colors can create a balanced and polished look. For example, a leopard print skirt paired with a solid turtleneck sweater makes for a stylish yet understated outfit. You could also try layering an animal print cardigan over a solid-colored dress for a chic and sophisticated look.

Avoid wearing too much animal print at once

Wearing too much animal print at once can quickly lead to a fashion disaster. To avoid looking tacky, limit animal print to one item per outfit. If you must wear more than one print, make sure they’re complementary. For example, a leopard print skirt paired with a zebra-print scarf can make for a bold yet stylish combination.

Choose high-quality fabrics

When buying animal print clothes, it’s essential to invest in high-quality fabrics. Cheap fabrics can make the print look cheap and tacky. Opt for natural fabrics like silk, cotton, or linen. They look more luxurious and expensive, which can elevate the animal print and make you look more stylish.

In conclusion, animal prints can be a powerful addition to your wardrobe if done right. By following these tips, you’ll look fashionable and chic while avoiding the risk of looking tacky. Remember to keep it simple and balance out the bold print with neutral and solid colors. Additionally, investing in high-quality fabrics will enhance the print’s look and make you look more stylish.

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